10 May

When most of us think of a coffee break, we think of working through the day and taking a short break to head out to the local coffee shop for a caffeinated pick-me-up before heading back for more of the daily grind (no pun intended). My work is a bit different than most people. As an entrepreneur and small business owner who works from home, I don’t get to take those coffee breaks with coworkers to head outside and grab a cup of joe or over to a break room to relax for a few minutes before getting back to work. My coffee breaks are usually still filled with reading e-mails, running errands or catching up on missed phone calls. Other times, they include virtual breaks from the daily deluge of projects and client e-mails that make up my day.

When I’m not working through my virtual breaks, I’ve become a fan of reading other people’s blogs about everything from house renovations to running to DIY projects and tidbits of info about family and friends. As someone who enjoys writing (and reading, of course), I decided to start writing my own blog. Originally, the idea was to write a journal, but I don’t have a great track record with the pen and paper version of journaling. So, instead, I prefer to write a blog that includes all of the favorite things I enjoy doing in my free time (see the blog topics above), as well as some other random thoughts. I’m not sure that anyone will even be interested in reading, but I am writing thi’s more for me really, and whoever wants to come along for the ride coffee break is welcome.  More than anything else, my blog is a way to take a break and reflect on things other than work. I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write or how often I’ll get to post, but I’m just excited to have a place to put down my thoughts and take a (coffee) break.

You may find that I overuse parentheses, ellipses and commas. If so, I apologize, but I prefer to write this the way I would speak to a friend. There are a lot of blogs out there, so if this one doesn’t appeal to you, read another one. There are so many creative people out there writing great content. If you do keep reading, I hope you’ll join me on my personal coffee break and take some time away from your own hectic day to kick back and relax a bit, too.

Happy reading!


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