I need this coffee mug…

11 May

How cool is this mug? I was just pinning around on Pinterest today and found this awesome camera lens coffee mug. Now that I’m getting back into photography (after many years of only taking pictures during special family gatherings or on trips), I think I truly need this mug!

camera lens coffee mugEven if I didn’t care for photography, I think I would want this mug for my huge mug collection. More on that later. I love how it comes with a lid to take it on the go. I drink my coffee pretty slowly and have to warm it up approximately 8.7 times per morning before noon. I start working and answering client e-mails and before I know it, my coffee is cold. Sometimes I use a mug warmer, but I am always afraid of tripping on the cord or knocking it over. I’m very graceful, as you can tell. I wonder if this thing is insulated. It’s also a cool way to sneak coffee into events where one might have a camera…hmm…now if I can just figure out how to make my lattes with a cool design in the milk foam.

What’s your favorite kind of coffee? Where do you usually buy your coffee (coffee shops, grocery store, etc.)?

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