My zen Moroccan bathroom update

15 May

Okay, so it’s time for an update on my zen Moroccan bathroom. I finally gathered the supplies I needed to make the artwork I mentioned and I think it turned out pretty well. Here’s what I used.


I wasn’t sure what color acrylic paint to go with to match the Threshold shower curtain, but finally decided on the khaki color to match some of our towels. Next I taped off a large square on the front of the canvas and then taped off the four corners as overlapping squares.

IMG_0443I made sure to give it two coats because I used a foam brush and acrylic paint instead of spray paint. It dries a lot faster and I wanted to do it in the evening without worrying about weather conditions for spraypainting outside. After it dried, I pulled off the tape and fixed a few areas where the paint had seeped a little bit under the tape. Tip: If you use white-out correction tape, you can cover any paint that got on the white parts of the canvas’ design. I think it turned out pretty well for a project that cost under $3 to make.


I changed my mind about the white mirror I wanted to use originally and decided to go with these. I wanted to find something that would work well with the shower curtain design and soften the look in the room from the hard lines in the artwork. I also decided not to use my second canvas in the end.

IMG_0454Finally, I hung the other two small mirrors above the small shelf we have that is attached to the wall. I picked up these great little glass canisters at World Market to hold our cotton swabs and make-up removal rounds. I think the design in the glass really complements the mirrors and curtain.

2013-05-15 20.02.53I pulled in the small green tealight holders from our living room and used the tumbler to house our room spray. I trimmed some lowers from a bouquet my mother-in-law gave me this week to add a little color. I still want to add a decorative soap dispenser at some point, but I think the update works nicely for the summer. Too bad I forgot to take “before” pictures!

Side note: I have tried to remove the ugly faucet to put on a new one, but it wouldn’t budge. Since we’re renters, we aren’t that worried about it, but it would be nice to have a new faucet with a brushed finish. Like I said before, we’re moving soon, so it’s not a big deal to us right now. We have also never hung a curtain in this room. The blinds work well for us and I just really don’t like short curtains. I think it would make the room look even smaller than it is, and that’s the last thing we need. So there you have it–the updated zen Moroccan bathroom. I am sure I’ll move some more things around as we get used to it, but I’m pleased with what a few new accessories could do to update the look.


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