Ups and Downs on the Running Front

15 May

I’m training for a race right now and it’s not even a long race in terms of the ones I’ve done in the past, but for some reason, this year has been a tough one for my running. I am pretty sure a lot of it has to do with working extremely long hours and not drinking enough water (plus a lack of sleep!), but I am slowly starting to feel like myself again when I’m running my longer runs these days. Today I have a 4.25 mile run on the books and I’m trying to motivate myself to get out there and get it done already before the day heats up. I run better when it’s a bit cooler out and the humidity isn’t that high.

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is my “Running Stuff” board. This quote always makes me remember that making excuses is not going to get me out of this funk I’m in from time to time with my running. Instead, I better start thinking of how I can take advantage of this time when it’s easy for me to get out there and just do it.

Run While you Can

Running also relieves a lot of stress and is a great time to enjoy me-time and think about all that’s going on in life. I’ve had some of my best ideas while running. What motivates you to get out there and get your workout in for the day?

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Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Exercise, Running


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