Changing lenses

22 May

I thought this image was appropriate for me this week–not because I am trying to make big changes in the world, but because I sort of needed a reality check since last week. After a week of vacation, I got back to work (remember, I work for myself) and I was completely unmotivated to deal with any new projects or try to make appointments with potential clients. I wasn’t sure what my problem was, and the e-mail front was a bit slow (for what it typically is).

So, after some thinking about why I was not feeling so motivated I decided that by mid-week this week I had to get my act in gear and start paying attention to new opportunities and being proactive again (which is usually my demeanor). And sure enough, it happened. Yesterday, I had a wonderful meeting with a client who may be expanding their projects with us and *snap*! I was back in gear!


Then I came across this image from Lean In and realized that all the motivation we have really does come from within. And it seemed fitting that it came around at a time that I was not as focused (no pun in intended) on what I was doing. I guess my “change” in my “world” was more of an attitude tweaking that needed to happen. It was kind of liking changing the lens on a camera to see if I could look at things from a better or different angle. But hey, don’t we all need that sometimes?

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