No more headbands lost in pilates class

23 May

Headbands. Something so simple that many of us use all the time, but why is it that we spend so much money on the ones that don’t work?! I was reading this girl’s blog (btw, she just rocked a huge race post-injury–congrats!) and learned about BIC Bands. I’d seen other running headbands in the local running store, but I never really liked any of the styles and $20 or more for a headband seems crazy to me. So….I thought I’d give BIC Bands a try. And let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

I, for one, cannot stand having my hair in my face when I’m running. These bands do not move! I have already tried several other brands from the grocery store, and none of them cut it. I even lost one in my Pilates class one Saturday. How?!? I have no idea…. I looked everywhere for it after the class, but couldn’t find it. Oh well–guess it wasn’t really doing the job anyhow!

Even if you’re not a runner (or a pilatesizer), these headbands are great for every day use and are easily washable. I just throw mine in a delicates bag when I do my laundry each week and they’re as good as new!  

So far, I have gotten these five and I use them all. Pssst…Click on the image if you want to head over to the site to grab one for yourself.


Skinny_solid_purple__80830.1365374916.386.513 Skinny_Sold_Green__01113.1365370749.386.513 Thin Black and White Angled

And for those who want to find a way to give to The One Fund for the Boston Marathon tragedy victims, grab one of these! Your entire purchase goes to this great cause. I wear my Boston Strong headband every Saturday on my long runs now. It’s a reminder to think about what’s important in your life and it’s just a cool headband!


And because I know you’re very curious about the ones on my wishlist…ha! Here, here and here are a few more I want to acquire this year.

So that’s my review on the best running (or not) headband. Do you have a favorite running headband or other gear you don’t leave home without when you go out for a run?

*All of the opinions in this post are my own and I did not receive anything for reviewing these products.*

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