DIY crocheted gadget cases

24 May

As you’ve probably read in my “About me” section of the blog, I enjoy crocheting and am currently working on a new throw blanket for our home. I’m about 1/3 of the way finished so far and need to grab a few more skeins for it this weekend. I decided not to go with the baby blanket this time, since I would like to use this first one and see what colors work well for baby blankets (which will also work up much faster) later on.

So, to share a bit more of my crochet hobby with you, I figured a post about a few iPad cases and a Kindle case I made last year would be fun. I first got the idea when I purchased an iPad last summer and saw how crazy expensive all the cases were. I looked on Etsy for one, and decided that they couldn’t really be that hard to make. And I was right. They aren’t! In fact, they’re a quick project that only took me about 2 hours each.

I really loved this one, but I had never even attempted a case before and didn’t want to pay for the pattern. So, I figured I should save this for another day when I have time to figure out how to make the eyes for the owl and just try my hand at a simple plain jane case.

The first iPad case I made was for myself. I loved this yarn in Lemongrass (132) and used only one skein and a 6.5 mm aluminum hook.

Green iPad case_1

Green iPad case_2(Please excuse these photos–taken with my cell phone).

I made sure to make enough base chains to stretch around the iPad vertically (front and back) with a little give. Then, I simply turned and single crocheted in each chain until the end, chained 1, turned and sc’d until the opposite end. I repeated this until the piece was wide enough to cover the entire iPad and left about a row hanging over the edge of each end.

At this point, the piece looked like one long rectangle. I closed the sides with a simple slip stitch and then turned the entire piece inside out so as to hide the yarn ends (I trim mine a bit just to make it a bit neater, but this probably isn’t necessary if they are at the bottom inside of the case).

Next, I crocheted one row of sc’s around the top to make the edge even and continued around with a second row of slip stitches. Once I reached the back (really both sides look the same, but I usually choose which side I want to be the front by just eyeing my work and deciding which side I like better), I stopped about halfway across this side (after measuring) and chained 20. Then I joined the other end of the chain to the case where I left off the slip stitches (again, still on the back side) and continued the slip stitches to the end to join at the beginning of the row.

After tying off and weaving in the ends, I sewed the button on the front by testing the loop closure I had just made with the chain stitches. I love how the button looks like a leaf against the Lemongrass green. I used a Belle Button by Dritz (#BB476).

I made another iPad case for a friend for Christmas in the same yarn, Eggplant (147) with a large charcoal gray button. Then, I used the rest of the Eggplant skein and some of a dark green skein to make a Kindle case (smaller), using a ceramic button with a green and purple swirl design. The Kindle case was for a friend in my book club.

Purple iPad case_2

(Again, excuse the quality of the photos!)
Purple iPad case
ย  ย ย Dual color Kindle case


I really like how the two-toned case turned out. It was an accident really. I thought I had enough left of the Eggplant color to finish it and realized about 3/4 of the way through that I wasn’t going to have enough. The green looked nice with the dark shade of purple, so I gave it a try. I love it! My friend really liked it as well. ๐Ÿ™‚



One of the best parts about these cases is that they are washable. I haven’t washed mine yet, but when I do, I’ll probably hand wash it just to be safe. The yarn says it can be put in the drier as well, but I think I’ll just lay mine flat and let it air dry. After two hours of work, I’d hate to shrink my case.

Have you ever made a case for one of your gadgets? What did you make and what kind of closure did you use (buttons, a flap, etc.)?


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2 responses to “DIY crocheted gadget cases

  1. BeingZhenya

    May 24, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    I made a case for my Nook a while back, and as far as I remember I used a velcro ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mypersonalcoffeebreak

      May 24, 2013 at 11:23 pm

      Good idea! There are probably so many types of closures I haven’t even thought of trying yet. Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend!


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