Saturday run day

25 May

Today I decided to take my run somewhere else, because I’ve been getting a little bored with the neighborhood streets lately. I do a lot of the same routes and since I’m getting ready for this race in a few weeks, I wanted to change up my long run today. Today’s run was 5.25 miles and I went over to the Olentangy bike trail for a bit of a change of scenery. There were lots of people out running, walking and cycling today. The weather was perfect (60 degrees! in May!) and the sun was nice and bright.

The trail has a few areas with some longer inclines, which I’m not really used to in my flat neighborhood. But I was able to power through those and keep going without any breaks and finished up in 42:27 minutes at an 8:05 minute pace.

After scarfing down a sub for lunch and enjoying a nice warm shower, I’m doing some laundry and relaxing in my Pro Compression socks and sipping my Nuun water. It’s my first time trying Nuun, and I have to say, it’s pretty good. I have the tri-berry flavor. And yes, that’s my foam roller under the coffee table…we have a real love/hate relationship. I need to use it today as well, but we’ll see if that happens πŸ˜‰

Pro Compression socks

Nuun_tri-berryAnd if you’ve been following my crochet posts, you know that I’m working on a tri-color throw. That’s it in the background. As you can see, it’s coming along nicely and I picked up a few more skeins of yarn today to finish it off. I also picked up something else for another fun project, but that’s a surprise. I can’t wait to work on it and show you.

While I wait for the laundry to dry, I’m also researching some new running shoes. I’m in desperate need of a new pair, after these Mizunos have not really cut it.


Even though I love Mizunos, this was a slightly different kind than I’m used to wearing (less cushioning) and I’m really feeling it on my joints and the soles of my feet. Plus, the soles of these have already worn down and I haven’t even logged 200 miles on them! 😦 I hope the next pair I get is similar in color, because I really love the gun-metal gray of these.

How was your Saturday run? Is today your long run day? How far did you go and did you stick to the same route or try a new one?

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