I finished my tri-color throw blanket!

02 Jun

Yep, it’s finished! In case you haven’t been following the story of the throw, don’t worry–it’s a short one. I was deciding if I wanted to make a throw blanket or a baby blanket in this post. And then you saw a bit of my progress on it in the background of a photo in this post.

Well, I’m happy to report now that it’s finished! And I love it. I’m also very glad that I ended up finishing it in the early part of the summer, because the bigger it got, the hotter I was crocheting it with most of it resting on my lap as I worked. It’s definitely going to get a lot of use in the winter.

When I felt it was large enough for a throw (in the end, it measures 36″ x 48″), I had a hard time deciding how to finish it off. I was trying to decide between using only one of the three colors for the border, or simply finishing the edges in the tri-color style that you see in the rest of the throw. Some friends weighed in and a few said that the lemongrass would be nice. Then two others said just the charcoal gray. But, my best crochet buddy, Bethany saved the day. She suggested a couple of rows of the lemongrass and then the charcoal gray to make the green/yellow color pop. And she was so right! I can always count on her to give me good advice when it comes to stitches, color choices and styles in general. Thanks again, Bethany!! Btw, if you enjoy crocheting or love crocheted baby accessories, check out her awesome shop on Etsy. She’s amazing!



To make the throw, I simply chained enough stitches with the three colors on an 11.5 mm (US size P) hook until it was 48 inches long. Then, I worked in rows with a simple single crochet stitch throughout. Since I was using the three colors together, it was a pretty large stitch and it worked up quite fast. When I reached the end and finally figured out the color choices for the border, I continued in the lemongrass color and then single crocheted a couple of times in each corner stitch to make the corner curve. I prefer the “squoval” (yep, that’s a square/oval) corner instead of the sharp 90-degree angle corners for these types of blankets. 


I worked two rows of the lemongrass and only one of the charcoal gray and I love how it turned out!  The lemongrass shows up really well next to the gray and I couldn’t be happier with the color scheme now that it’s finished. I used a tapestry needle to weave in the loose ends of yarn from the corners and was finished in no time.




Have you ever made a throw blanket? Did you stick to one color, or did you use multiple colors? What kinds of crochet projects are you working on right now?


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