Run like the wind!

09 Jun

Where did that phrase even come from? My mom wrote it on my FB wall yesterday in her way of cheering me on for my race today. It was very cute. 🙂 I’m running the Columbus 10K this morning and am ready to go! I didn’t sleep that well last night, but probably because I have been worried for some time that this race won’t go well.

I’ve had some hip problems in the past few months, but all’s well in that department now. Then I had a pair of running shoes that bit the dust about 200 miles before they should have. I’ve also resolved that and have hit all my training days as I should. So, technically, I should be good to go.

These are my new running shoes (Mizuno Wave Precision 13s).


Time to fill up my water bottle and get on the road to go find a parking spot. Wish me luck!

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Posted by on June 9, 2013 in Exercise, Running


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