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12 Jun

One of my favorite things to do is give gifts to friends and family. Who doesn’t love to find the perfect gift for someone and watch them open it? To me, wrapping the gift is just as much fun as giving the gift (although I do have a friend with whom I exchange rather large hauls of gifts on birthdays and Christmas, and we’ve just mutually agreed to make it a bit of a free-for-all gift pull from the largest gift bag we can find!). When not gifting large amounts of goodness, the right gift wrap can make even the tiniest gift seem like the biggest treasure. Can you tell I love to open gifts, too?

So, on a recent trip to one of my favorite stationery shops in Columbus, Peabody Papers on Grandview Avenue, I found this beautiful ribbon from East of India.


I can’t wait to use this ribbon the next time I wrap a gift. The only thing is that I’d love to get more in different kinds and I think that East of India only sells to retailers. Does anyone know where I can buy other items from them without buying in bulk? Obviously, I’m not a retailer.

In continuing along the lines of gift wrap, I got to thinking of some of the cute DIY gift wrap ideas I’ve seen recently and thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you. Click on the image to see the source.

This starry night theme is simple and sweet. Some navy blue tissue paper, twine and a silver Sharpie and you’ve got yourself a cute design.

Starry night gift wrapAnother wonderful way to show you care can be done using a map and a simple tag with a kind note. I love maps, too, so I had to share this one! Extra points if the gift inside is from the place on the map 😉

Map gift wrapThis one reminds me of the ribbon above that I bought at Peabody’s. I love how it’s personalized with the couple’s initials. And the white against the dark gray looks very crisp.

Handmade with loveThis beautiful flower DIY gift wrap is right up my alley. I recently made a couple of wreaths by making felt flowers just like this. I really like the green and chocolate brown colors this person used, but I think I’d add a bead, pearl or jewel in the middle of each bud. {I’ll have to pull out the wreaths I made and show you sometime–I used jewels in the center of the flowers.}

DIY flower gift wrapAnd this last one is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen yet. I also like to use a strand of yarn sometimes to wrap up a crocheted gift for a friend. And how simple would it be to use some extra yarn that you have lying around and create a beautiful nest for a spring gift?

Nest gift topperAll of these are really simple ideas and can be DIY’d in no time. They’d also make great party favors with something special inside.

What’s your favorite DIY gift wrap? 

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