Capturing an incredible lunar moment

28 Jun

Last night we went out to dinner with friends and, as often happens with friends and good conversation, we stayed out much later than we’d originally planned. As we pulled onto our street, I kept thinking about how we were going to be exhausted this morning and all the work I have to do today. And then, I happened to look up. Honestly, the light was so bright in the sky that I didn’t have to look up that much to see how beautiful the moon looked.

The past few days have been rainy and humid here in Columbus. So, it was that much more gorgeous because I don’t think I was expecting to even see the moon among all the clouds. I guess the clouds cleared out for a bit, because this was the breathtaking image I was able to capture after running inside to grab my camera.

IMG_0577_blog.jpgSuddenly I forgot how tired I was going to feel after staying out so late in the middle of the workweek, and my thoughts of all I had to do today quickly faded. I love how something as simple as taking a second to look up can change our perspective, cause us to slow down and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.

Did you see the moon last night? How did it look where you live? Have you ever run inside to grab your camera in order to capture a beautiful moment?


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Posted by on June 28, 2013 in Photography


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