Getting my Martha on…

15 Jul

Yep, got my Martha on yesterday…again. This time, I had a long photo frame that I’ve been wanting to brighten up a bit. I loved it when I bought it about 8 years ago (when I was living in Alcalá de Henares, Spain as a student). I used to go to this really cute boutique that had fun home accessories and I got this frame. It made its way home with me and through two more moves. Now, it’s about to make another move. But this time, I wanted to make sure it got a bit of a facelift first.

I completely forgot to take a full “before” picture, so here is a picture of the frame part before.

IMG_0650After a quick trip to the craft store, I am now the happy owner of another Martha Stewart product. She really is the queen of domesticity. Or was that Sara Lee? Anyways, I bought the Martha Stewart Multi-surface Metallic acrylic paint (#32103).

IMG_0651Then, I made sure to give it one coat with a paint brush and followed that up with a second coat using a foam brush. Nope, didn’t even prime this baby. The second coat was important, because I wanted to make a small beading effect with the tip of the foam brush. It’s important to do this when the paint’s still wet. So, I suggest doing one side at a time and making sure to dab the foam brush vertically, only letting the angled tip touch (in other words, no brush strokes).

IMG_0655If you’re wondering what the bright magazine is below the frame, it’s the alumni magazine from the school where I did my master’s degree. Sorry–no donations here, but thanks for the magazine.

I let the top of the frame dry and then did the same technique on the sides of the frame. At first I was going to only paint the top, but I think that since I left the mat dark brown, I needed to make the sides of the actual frame gold, too. I like the contrast of colors and I think it looks so much better than the solid dark brown that it was before.

IMG_0658 IMG_0661If you look closely, you can see the slight “pebbled” look that I gave it with the foam brush. This picture shows it a little more clearly.

IMG_0660So, there you have it. The paint dried very quickly, as does most acrylic paint. I really liked the coverage and there was no strong smell with this paint. I’m more than pleased that I didn’t have to prime this piece first either! After painting this frame and giving a facelift to the other two pieces I mentioned in my last post, I’m thinking about what else I can paint…. yes, it’s addictive!

Have you tried painting or refinishing any of your photo frames to brighten them up? What’s your paint or product of choice?



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