Finally…some negative splits!

21 Jul

No, not those kind of splits…those are always negative in my book. I mean running splits. If you’re not a runner, negative splits occur when you run the second mile (or whatever distance you’re measuring) faster than the first, and you run the third faster than the second…and so on.

Well, for the past several months {ok, let’s just say it…this year}, I’ve had problems running consistent negative splits in my workouts. I was getting extremely frustrated because my time was slower than it used to be and I was consistently running negative, positive, negative, positive splits…or negative, positive, positive, positive splits. I was thinking that I was starting my runs too fast, but I couldn’t seem to slow down too much. Here’s a quick example of how my runs have been looking like lately.

  • 7:46, 7:48, 7:55
  • 8:00, 7:45, 8:00, 7:47
  • 7:58, 7:45, 7:47
  • 7:58, 7:44, 7:53, 7:59

Do you see my frustration? Yes, it’s been hot. No, I haven’t probably been as hydrated as I should be. Yes, that is my fault. But really?? Some of these splits are only positive by a few seconds. And my pace used to be consistently around 7:30/mile.

So, today I decided to do my workout with my hubby. I know he’s faster than me, but he only got back into running in the past few weeks. We don’t typically work out together during the week, so I suggested we do so today. I did his workout, and I have to say that I learned two things.

1) I don’t like running on a track {Ok–I already knew this} and
2) I can run negative splits and reach my old pace!

Check it out:

Negative splitsYeah!!! And yes, that odd number for the last lap makes me cringe. .29. Ugh. But hey, that was 12 laps on the track and we followed that up with running stadiums. So, I’m feeling good about it.

I realize that there are a few key factors to my faster the flat track {I usually run the streets in our neighborhood} and running with my hubby, who is taller and faster than me. But hey, I am still basking in feeling like I’m getting back to my old pace and loving these negative splits. 🙂

Do you usually run negative splits? Do you like to run alone or with a partner? I usually prefer to run alone, but we’ve decided to start trying to do joint workouts on Sundays.


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