Starburst crocheted coasters

26 Jul

Remember when I started making round coasters with stripes in this post? Yeah well, fast forward a month or so later, and I still had only four finished. {I wanted a set of six} Here’s the one I had that inspired my set, varying the color positions for each one.

IMG_0572So, last night I decided to take a break from packing and make the last two for the set…except that now I’m seriously thinking of making two more for it. More on that in a moment.

It turns out that the charcoal gray color was a really different weight than the others I used. Ok, maybe not really different, but different enough that it didn’t work out well when I was on the last two rows and using it to finish up the edge with a slip stitch. It ended up being smaller than the other four coasters. So, after thinking a moment and deciding whether to scrap that one or not, I decided to take out the slip stitched edge and make another row of single crochet stitches before finishing it with the slip stitch. Confused yet? Yeah, thought so. To make this long story short, it worked out and you can’t even really tell that the two with the charcoal gray stripe on the outside have one more row than the other four coasters.

Here’s how the set of six looks now. I have to say, I am in love with this color combination {as if you couldn’t tell from the colors I used in my tri-color throw blanket}.

IMG_0666 IMG_0667 IMG_0670They really remind me of a starburst. I love how bright the lemongrass and mustard yellow look against the charcoal gray. And now, as if I should still be thinking about crocheting and not packing, I am seriously considering making two more that have the white yarn on the outer edge. Let’s be real though. Crocheting is way more fun than packing.

What do you think? If I made two more, which of the colors should I combine with the white edge and in what order (center, middle stripe, and with the outer edge being white)? Or should I just leave the set at six and call it a day? 




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