Soaking up Oslo

14 Aug

Ok, so in my last post I told you that we were not yet finished unpacking from our move. The reason? Two days after we moved, we took a very quick trip to Norway. My husband had a conference to attend there, so we decided to make a fun vacation out of it. It was definitely worth it. 

I really didn’t know what to expect, because I didn’t know much about Norway, besides that it is in Scandinavia, it’s expensive compared to other parts of Europe (more on that in a moment) and that they have good fish. Salmon, anyone? Yum! I completely forgot about the history of the Vikings and didn’t quite realize their impact in Norway’s history until we went to the Viking museum in Oslo, Vikingskipshuset.

So, what else did I do while I was there? I shot lots of photos. Yep, in three and a half days, I shot 300 photos. I don’t usually take that many pictures on our trips, but I’m trying to get better about that. I think that if you’re ready with your camera, you can always capture an unexpected, beautiful moment and you’ll always have a way to look back and remember it.

Here are a few of my favorite photos that I shot while in Oslo.

IMG_0859 IMG_0967

IMG_0973 IMG_0986 IMG_0984 IMG_0749 IMG_0866 IMG_0955 IMG_0811

Both of us have traveled a lot, but I really fell in love with this city. And as I’ve told all my friends and family that we’ve talked to since we got back, if you get the chance, you. must. go. I didn’t realize this before we left, but later my husband told me that Oslo is the most expensive city in Europe. And it showed. I couldn’t believe the prices of our meals, but we certainly didn’t eat anything we didn’t like. We both really love to eat, so we savored every bite. And the fish! The fish! If you enjoy fish, especially salmon, you cannot leave Oslo without ordering it.

That said, it is worth the expense. And no worries if you don’t speak Norwegian. Most everyone there speaks English, and very well at that! Most restaurants have menus in English, and we found people to be very friendly in general if we ever had questions about food or how to get somewhere. Everything was very clean (even public restrooms!) and we never felt unsafe as we walked all over the city, traveled via subway and the tram and explored various areas of Oslo. In fact, we only saw police twice the whole few days we were there. For a large city with tons of tourists, I thought that was impressive.

We enjoyed every part of the trip. On the last evening, as we ate dinner on a terrace next to the Parliament building and overlooking the main square, I asked my husband if there was anything about the trip he didn’t like (because neither of us could pinpoint just one favorite part), and he said no. We saw a lot in a few days and saw/did everything we’d planned to do {oh, and yes, he even presented his conference paper in all this}. If you get the chance to visit Oslo, we highly recommend taking a tour around the Oslofjorden by boat, the National Gallery (which currently has a collection by Edvard Munch, including his famous painting, The Scream), the Nobel Peace Prize museum and City Hall (where the prize is awarded), Akershus castle and fortress, the palace, Parliament, the Cathedral, Vigeland Park and the botanical gardens…just to name a few 😉

So, that’s why we’re still unpacking. Again, worth it!

Where did you travel this summer? Have you been to Oslo or somewhere else in Norway? Do you usually take a lot of photos? None? Just a few?


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