New prints in the house

18 Aug

That’s right. More home decorating going on over here. As the boxes are slowly disappearing and our new furniture is arriving, we’re also doing a bit of home decor at our new place. Once again, Etsy didn’t let me down.

I found Printwork by reading one of my favorite blogs, House*Tweaking. Toni, the owner of Printwork is a fellow Mississippian, so you know I was excited to support her business when I read that, too. There are a lot of options in her shop if you’re into a certain type of printed artwork (you an choose from modern/contemporary, tribal/southwestern, illustration/typography, geometric and minimalist modern, nautical/beach and repeat geometric patterns).

The first print I bought from Printwork was this modern abstract pear.

IMG_1019.jpgIt now adorns the wall of our kitchen, just over the sink. Once we moved in, I knew I wanted to order a few more prints though. About a foot or so away, centered over the bar area, is this beauty.

IMG_1024I love how the tribal wine bottles are different heights and the gold ink plays nicely off the color of the natural wood frame. The frames were a stellar design choice I snagged from Dana over at House*Tweaking. She really knows how to pair frames with prints to showcase the artwork.

We ordered two of the geometric prints for our bedroom and placed them over the nightstands. {Again, Dana’s a design genius.} I’m adding gray linen lampshades (the one for my nightstand is on order still) to accent the black print. Today I’ll add a few succulents to the small planters I found on clearance at Target yesterday.

This is the print on my side of the bed.

IMG_1025.jpgAnd his.

IMG_1026.jpgSorry for the harsh lighting. Our bedroom window is more toward the foot of the bed and the way the light was coming in this morning didn’t give me the best natural light for these photos.

One of my favorite things about ordering from Printwork is the fact that many prints come in various color choices. It’s nice to know I can focus first on the print’s design and then choose the color that works best in the room where I’ll put it. Toni ships all her work quickly and everything I’ve received has arrived in great condition, with no bends or tears from traveling across the country. And, if you’re looking to buy some artwork soon, head over to her shop. You can get free shipping right now on all U.S. orders.

This was not a sponsored post. I just really love Toni’s work and want to support another small business and Mississippian!




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One response to “New prints in the house

  1. dailyfoodstruggle

    August 20, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    I love this idea! By the way I just nominated you for a Liebster Award!


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