Where ya’ been??

24 Aug

As we continue to decorate our new place, one of the things I knew I wanted here was more personalized artwork. I’m pretty selective when it comes to personalized items in general though. I didn’t want anything that would look outdated soon after being all over Pinterest for weeks or something seasonal that I’d have to take down for half the year. Instead, I found an idea via Young House Love and decided to run with it. I changed it up a bit from their version, but I love it already and am now trying to figure out where to hang it. {No, I don’t think of these things before I make this stuff….who does?}

where ya' been mapMaking the artwork probably took about an hour, because I had to trim the cork board I used to fit the frame. It was about a quarter of an inch too long. Here’s what I used:

  • a vintage map (I found mine at Ethelu’s Vintage);
  • a piece of cork board from Michael’s (or any other craft store or big box store);
  • a frame (mine’s the Ribba frame from Ikea) without the glass;
  • a piece of burlap (I found some on a great sale at Jo Ann’s thanks to a handy coupon);
  • some map pins (you can find these at an office supply store).

I was saving the Ribba frame for another DIY project, but when YHL shared this, I knew I wanted to make it right away. I already had the frame and burlap on hand, so yesterday I picked up the cork board and map pins. I ordered the vintage map online, which came from a 1940s world atlas. I knew I didn’t want a huge map, because it would take up a lot of wall space. So, this map was the perfect size. Unfortunately it doesn’t include Hawaii and Alaska (neither were states until 1959), but when we make it there, I’ll figure out a way to add them to our “Where ya’ been” map. {Yes, I’m copyrighting the name}

After taking the glass out of the frame, I trimmed the cork board. This took a few minutes and only made a small mess that I was easily able to sweep into the trash can.

IMG_1037It helps that we haven’t bought our new dining set yet. The empty floor space really allows me to spread out supplies and have a lot of space for working on these things. After I cut the burlap a little longer than the cork board, I made sure to pull it very tightly and simply staple it along the back with a regular desk stapler. Nothing fancy and no staple gun wounds to be had.

IMG_1038After the burlap was snug and stapled around all sides, I fit it into the frame. It fit just perfectly after the bit I trimmed earlier and I ended up with a clean slate for the map pinning extravaganza. {Yeah, we’re nerds like that over here}

IMG_1041Here’s the point where my husband got interested in my DIM {Do It Myself} project… He loves maps and traveling, too. So, when he saw me placing the pins in the places we’d been, he wanted to get in on the fun. Maybe I can sway him to start getting in on my DIY whims long term….hmmm….

IMG_1042This map was a great choice. We found all the places we’d been (both together and separately) without any issues and each city or town had a small circle near it, so it was perfect for us to place the map pins.

At first we thought of color coordinating the pins to match the places we’d been together (which was actually many more places than we thought) and the places we’d been alone, but we quickly ran out of red pins and decided to just use the three colors that came in the package for all the places we’d been, regardless of it being together or separately. So, the colors don’t mean anything to us really. Once we finished, we realized two things. 1) We’ve been to a LOT more places than we thought. And 2) we really haven’t been to that many places in the western part of the United States. Must. get. on. that. We were able to really visualize a lot of the places where we’d like to travel still, and that’s just more motivation to save our pennies!

We would like to add a couple more maps to our collection soon as well (Europe and Latin America), but the 1940s atlas doesn’t work well for this. Too much has changed in both parts of the world since that time. I hope we can find maps around the same size as this one and with a similar vintage look. If you know of any online shops for this, please let me know!

Have you ever created a “Where ya’ been” map? To how many states have you traveled?


Posted by on August 24, 2013 in DIY, Interior Design, Travel


2 responses to “Where ya’ been??

  1. The Road I Wander

    August 24, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    I really like this DIY! I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award Cheers!


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