Entryway mirror redo

25 Aug

You may remember that I asked for your input last week when I wasn’t sure what color to paint our mirror for the entryway. Well, after some feedback, some thought and a trip to our local Michael’s craft store, I made a decision…..Ivy Leaf! It was a fairly easy decision, because Michael’s didn’t have all the colors I was considering either.

IMG_1059I love the “grellow” color and think it will go with a lot of the other green accessories in our living and dining areas (which you see as you come in the front door). You’ll see a reflection of those in just a moment.

You’ll remember that I decided to redo the old mirror with hooks that I bought in grad school. Although I liked the funky colors then, it doesn’t work in our home now. And since I only forked out $30 for this thing (mirror, hooks and all), I thought it would be better to try to redo it than buy a new one.

IMG_1033I started by using painter’s tape around the edges of the mirror and covering the glass with paper that we had in our recycling bin. Taking the mirror out of the frame was not an option due to all the wood glue that Mooch used to keep it securely in place. So, taping and covering it worked well and only added a few extra minutes to the project.

photo 1Here’s what it looked like as I started to sand it out on our deck. It was pretty easy and only required some good old fashioned elbow grease. After I sanded it, I wiped it down with a damp cloth and made sure to let it dry. I had to prime it (Michael’s didn’t have the Dual Prime + Paint, so I had to buy the primer and paint in separate cans). Here’s how it looked after a couple of thin coats of primer.

photo 3I let it dry completely and then sanded it one more time. The primer causes the grain in the wood to rise a bit, so it was rough after I primed it completely. I’m wishing now that I’d sanded it a little more, but it still turned out nicely in the end.

IMG_1048After the paint was completely dry, I reattached the hooks. Although I’m still considering painting them a shade of bronze (thanks, Mon Petit Chateau!), I wanted to see what I thought of the worn black hooks against the Ivy Leaf. I like it and think it looks nice with the dark wood of the bench, but who knows? I still may paint them later.

IMG_1049I used Déco Screws (a screw and anchor in one) that I found at Target this morning to hang it above the bench. I love how easy they are to install! (I usually hate hanging anything that requires an anchor} Since I typically carry large handbags, I knew I needed this mirror to hold its own….and my hefty totes.


So there you have it. It’s not perfect, but it turned out nicely and it’s really functional. I like that I can now come inside and hang my bag on one of the hooks instead of just piling things on the bench cushions. See the green accessories on the mantel? Although you cannot see them in this photo, our curtains are the same shade of “grellow”. Love. this. color.

Did you take on any fun deco projects this weekend? What do you think of the dark hooks? Keep or paint?







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  1. grannyscolorful

    August 25, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    I really like that.


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