Milk glass centerpiece

07 Sep

Is it just me, or do succulents look good in any room? I wanted to create a centerpiece for an accent table and I found some beautiful milk glass at Ethelu’s Vintage last week.

IMG_1117_2.jpgIf you’re like me, you’ve never thought about decorating with milk glass. I didn’t think much of it in general until I saw the small collection Ethelu’s owner, Carly has in her shop. I love how she displays her items, which really helped me to select the piece I wanted. {The taller piece is from her shop}. I was out shopping for supplies for other projects this afternoon and passed a Goodwill store. Thinking they might have a smaller piece I could use for my centerpiece, I made a quick stop and found the little teacup for $0.78! Talk about luck. They had two of them, but I only needed the one and this one looked to be in better condition.

According to (yeah, you read that right), milk glass originated in Venice in the 16th century, but there were many colors that were popular at the time. A lot of the milk glass you can find today is from the 1700s or later.

To me, milk glass looks like something my grandmother might have had at home, and it’s definitely not my style for serving food. But does it make a cool centerpiece? I think so!

I used several other items I had around the house to create my centerpiece. I’ve used the square ceramic plate for years with a candle in the middle. So, I repurposed it here. The stones are just vase filler, which you can get at most craft, home decor or big box stores. Underneath the ceramic plate is a napkin I picked up on sale at West Elm a few months ago. I liked the design and knew I’d find a use for it.

IMG_1118I also picked up a few succulents today, and I already had the soil on hand. Make sure to use soil that is appropriate for succulents and not just any potting soil you have around the house. I used Miracle-Gro’s Cactus Palm and Citrus Soil. 

IMG_1115_2.jpgAnother option for a centerpiece would be to simply place the milk glass on a stack of books with beautiful bindings. You can find a lot of nice ways to display your milk glass. I found several on Pinterest, but there were even more on Google Images.

Do you collect milk glass? Do you use them for everyday serveware or for decor purposes? If you’ve made something fun with milk glass, please share!

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