Fall DIY Hanging Dish Towels

08 Sep

Fall is around the corner, and I’m thinking about pulling out my decor soon. It’s still a bit too hot for me to think about it, so I think it will all stay packed away a few more weeks. That said, I was inspired by The Lettered Cottage‘s recent post on DIY Hanging Dish Towels.

I really loved the measuring tape ribbon that Layla used for her project, but the only one I could find that was similar was gold and black (not really my style). I found several other ribbons that I liked at a couple of craft stores, but none of the ones I liked seemed to match our kitchen that well. Then, I came across some fall-themed ribbon at Walmart and I knew they would look great in our kitchen once the leaves start to turn.

IMG_1128_2Each spool was only $1 to $2.99 and the 3-pack of dish towels is from the Mainstays collection (just a few dollars). I used Fabri-tac, just as Layla did, but I attached the ribbon a bit differently for hanging.

IMG_1120I started by attaching the ribbon along the length of one side. Then, I created a small loop and attached it to the back of the towel (behind the side where I just attached the ribbon). I cut a third piece to line the back side and cover the criss-cross made from the looped piece.



This way, I can hang the towel from the middle rather than from one corner. After gluing everything, I let it dry overnight with some heavy books on top of the edge where I attached the ribbon with Fabri-tac. I wanted to make sure it would be strong enough to hold the towel without sagging or detaching from the fabric.

And the best part about gluing the ribbon rather than sewing? The glue is washable, so I can put it in a delicates bag and pop it in the washer on the gentle cycle. If it doesn’t hold up in the end, I can always use what I have left of the spool to sew a new edge onto the dish towel.


I think these would be fun to make for holidays or as a housewarming gift. Maybe I’ll find some fun ribbon for Christmas and make some to add to gifts. You could really do this for just about any holiday or time of year.

Have you ever DIYed dish towels? What did you use?  

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Posted by on September 8, 2013 in DIY, Interior Design


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