Twin Cities 10K race recap

06 Oct

Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying some much needed sleep or a relaxing cup of coffee this morning. I did both πŸ˜‰

Yesterday we were in the Twin Cities to run the Twin Cities in Motion 10K. This was definitely one of the most organized race weekends I’ve ever seen. And I’m sure it had to be. The weekend consisted of lots of races and a two-day health expo. The races ranged from a fun 1-mile race to a 5K, 10K, 10-miler, half marathon and full marathon, in addition to kiddy races. How can you not get excited about the Diaper Dash and Toddler Trot? Sounds like oozing cuteness to me.

We picked up our race packets when we got into town on Friday evening. There were still tons of people at the expo. We picked up our bibs, t-shirts, complementary gloves and a spectator’s guide. The guide was wonderful and we used it a lot on Saturday. It showed parking options and race routes for all the TC races over the weekend.

photo 4Then we headed back to our hotel and watched some TV before hitting the hay. I found a great Groupon deal for the Marriott about a month ago (one night for $55). So, we didn’t spend a lot, but did get to stay in a nice hotel.

In the morning, we got up at 5:30 to get something to eat, because breakfast at the hotel didn’t start until 6:30 am. Breakfast of champions, folks.

photo 2I had the power breakfast sandwich with a latte and my husband ordered the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. We were the first (and only) ones in the door, as Panera opened at 6:00 am. And who wants to get up and be somewhere that early on a Saturday? We headed back over to our hotel to grab our race bibs, water bottles and IDs and headed out the door around 6:40 a.m. The race started at the capitol in St. Paul, so we had to drive about 20 minutes to get there. We found parking fairly quickly, which was a pleasant surprise, and made our way over to the start line to do a bit of stretching and pin our race bibs.

The sun rose at about 7:15 am and it had rained most of the night, so the ground was pretty saturated. It was a mild 58 degrees. Luckily, it wasn’t raining and wouldn’t through our entire race (although I did feel a few large drops around mile 5). We were so glad that the rain held off for us. The 9:00 am 5K runners were not so lucky.

photo 3The race started on time and we were toward the front 1/4 of people (there were no corrals in this one) when the gun went off. It began with a smooth down and then uphill around the Cathedral of St. Paul. Beautiful. There’s no better word to describe it, tucked inside a charming neighborhood near the capitol. As we turned the first corner around the cathedral, we even saw a priest waiting on the sidewalk with his briefcase, heading to work. {I’m not sure he was thrilled to have to wait for over 2,000 runners to go by so he could cross the street.}

We headed through neighborhoods with brownstones and Victorian architecture, which we both agreed reminded us completely of Old Louisville. This was an out-and-back race, so we cruised through the neighborhoods and enjoyed the spectators watching from their sidewalks with their coffee cups and sweaters. Some brought out their own stereo system to play upbeat music and cheer on the runners. We also saw an Old English bulldog on the side with his owner. He was not at all interested in the race, but he was a good looking boy (all white with a brown spot around one eye). πŸ™‚

As we turned around just after the 3-mile mark, we felt pretty good. We knew we had to watch for the layers of wet leaves on the ground, especially in the downhill, but the fall colors were a nice distraction. As much as I would have liked for this race to have been on a flat course, it definitely was not. But the hills were not too steep and the neighborhoods were beautiful, which helped. Around mile 5 we saw a female runner, who seemed to be in awesome shape, walking. We knew it was a tough race, but I was surprised to see this. My husband looked at me and said, “I want to finish in under 50 minutes.” Knowing that our 10K time lately has been around 51 mins, I figured we’d pick up time on some of the downhills. And we did. At one point, I looked at him and said, “We’re flying,” after looking at my Garmin on a downhill and seeing a 5:38 mile. I knew we better slow down a bit once we were on flatter ground. So, I told him to take it easy. We still had 10 minutes left and just over a mile to go. We were definitely set to finish in under 50 minutes.

On the final hill, we saw the capitol building and the finish line in front. This last part was the best, because it was a smooth downhill, so we were really able to cruise into the finish with less effort than we’d expected to need. We finished with a time of 49:22. I’m using the chip time because I forgot to stop my Garmin for some reason. I don’t know how that happened. I love how quickly the race results were online, thanks to handy race chips. And these race results show a lot more statistics than other races I’ve run.

photo 1

TCM10KresultsAfter catching our breath and grabbing a banana and some water, we walked down the street to the capitol to snap a few selfies. Then we headed back to the car, because it was starting to rain and we wanted to get back to the hotel to take off our wet clothes and get a warm shower.

We lounged around a bit and then headed out to get a big lunch in Maple Grove. YUM.

photo 3This hit the spot. When the waiters figure out my husband is Brazilian, the meat doesn’t stop flowing. And he’s in carnivore heaven. Then, we headed over to Bloomington to Mall of America. It was just as impressive as I’d thought it would be. If you’re ever in the TC area, you should go!

We were lucky enough that the rain didn’t start until we got back in the car to head home. Today is the half and full marathon and there are supposed to be storms. Hopefully the weather will hold off and everyone will finish safely.

Have you ever run in one of the Twin Cities in Motion races? What’s your preferred distance? Did you race at all this weekend?







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