An evening photo shoot on the Mississippi

16 Oct

Down by the river…. ok, I don’t know the words to that song. Plus, it’s creepy. So, why don’t I just share the photos I took this evening along the Mississippi River? We headed down to Riverside Park this evening after work and I got to spend some more quality time with my new camera.

These flowers line the area near the riverboat in front of 4 Sisters Wine Bar & Tapas.



DSC_0309And this was the first time I noticed “Mississippi” imprinted in the area near the fountain.

DSC_0303This statue is actually one of three facing the river. The other two are a little girl {you can see the top of her head in the first photo} and their little dog.

DSC_0325I’m not sure why, but I thought this mangled rope on the pier with the bridge over the Mississippi in the background looked really neat.

DSC_0290This is a historical plaque from the corner of Front and State Streets. I like how the fallen leaves and the street lamps glow in the background.

DSC_0319As I was walking through the park, I noticed a set of bricks from patrons and this one caught my eye. It made me laugh and wonder what kind of pup “Wampy” was and that his owners must have thought he was pretty special. 🙂

DSC_0327The glow from a street lamp on this bench is pretty cool, especially with the one fallen leaf in the curve of the iron rungs.

DSC_0328Check out the deep green and blue on these ducks!

DSC_0334This water fountain was running and I knew that I could get a cool shot if I brought my camera down to its level and focused on the fountain itself. The orange spots in the background are street lamps.

DSC_0318This photo actually turned out to be more blown out than I would have liked. So, by making it black and white and increasing the saturation a bit, you can now see the faint outline of the bridge in the background.


This is the last photo I took, as it was getting pretty dark out (and cold!). The glow from the bridge lights over the water made it worth my toes going numb to get this one. 😉

Do you enjoy taking photos in the late afternoon/early evening? Do you prefer taking photos of still objects or nature?

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