Project 365: Week 3 Recap

23 Nov

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit in your life. Well, it’s been 21 days and I haven’t fallen off this wagon yet. Hopefully I can make it the other 344 days {well, 343 now and yes, I took a photo today!} this year. Taking a photo a day is improving my techniques and I’m learning a lot from the photography groups I’m participating in right now. So, here’s Week 3’s recap.

Day 15 (November 15, 2013): Pothos leaves

Day15_Pothos leavesDay 16 (November 16, 2013): Tomato

Day16_TomatoesDay 17 (November 17, 2013): Chocolate morsels

Day17_Chocolate dropsDay 18 (November 18, 2013): Full moon behind the trees

Day18_Full moon.jpgDay 19 (November 19, 2013): Breakfast

Day19_BreakfastDay 20 (November 20, 2013): A good book and a blanket

Day20_A good bookDay 21 (November 21, 2013): Yarns {thinking about my first winter project}

Day21_YarnI think my favorites from this week are the chocolate morsels and the yarns, but the book with the blanket also looks so cozy to me. Again, there’s no theme for this week, but my good friend Bethany did give me some ideas on a few themes I could try. I’ll start brainstorming and see what sounds fun for future weeks.

What kind of photography catches your attention most? I think mine are food photography and lifestyle photography. I love to see what’s going on in the moment of someone’s day. What about you? Any favorite types?

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