I thought my legs were going to fall off…

25 Nov

I’m not exaggerating. I really thought my legs were toast tonight. I decided to try a class at the gym that I’ve always wanted to take. We just joined a gym a few day ago, right before the temperatures dropped to oh, about 11-18 degrees! Yep….sad, but true. So, we joined a gym that is about two minutes from our house driving (about a mile walking/running) and tonight I tried spinning for the first time. Wow.

All you people out there who spin regularly….hats off to you. I run regularly and yes, it’s a completely different movement and you use your whole body, but I was not expecting the intensity of this class. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it. A lot. However….we’ll see what I’m saying tomorrow and if I can walk normally when I wake up.

I came across this image on Expectation versus Reality and thought I’d share it. Yes, this is kind of how I felt. HA!


Some things I liked about this class:

  • the instructor was very informative about the bike itself and how it worked (she helped me to set it up for my height and comfort);
  • the monitor on the bike has a lot of information that is useful when you take this class, especially for the first time, because it’s easy to see if you’re hitting the ranges you need to hit for hills, sprints and running;
  • if it weren’t for the music and the teacher, I would have walked out after five minutes. Music does help you to stay motivated, but the teacher really makes the difference of keeping you going and wanting to finish;
  • this instructor also was very clear during the class about what we were going to do and what to expect. When we were going to increase resistance for 4 minutes, she let us know the RPM ranges we needed to hit and how many times we would be increasing the resistance.

Some things I didn’t like about this class:

  • the seats on these bikes are not comfortable. I expected this, but as much as my legs were screaming, I quickly forgot about how uncomfortable my bum was.
  • I really don’t have any other things I didn’t like, but if I cannot walk tomorrow, we can add this one to the list.

I took this class to challenge myself in a different way and to work muscles that I don’t normally work. I think I accomplished both of those things by the amount of sweat dripping from my body by the end of it. But these are the kinds of workouts I enjoy and it’s nice to have another cardio option besides running, especially now that this winter weather has forced me to take it indoors.

In case you’re thinking about taking spin classes or just really want to read about some benefits, I found this article on 5 Physical Benefits of Spinning.

Do you take spin classes? Are you a runner who spins? What are your thoughts about how spinning affects (or doesn’t affect) your running?

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