Project 365: Week 4 Recap

04 Dec

I’m a little late posting Week 4, because we took a short trip to Amsterdam last week. But here it is, starting off with a holiday photo for those already into decorating for Christmas, changing over to our trip mid-week and ending with two beautiful bicycles in Amsterdam. You can’t go to Amsterdam and not take a million shots of bicycles. Amiright?

Day 22 (November 22, 2013): Christmas lights and wreaths on Main Street

Day22_Christmas wreathsDay 23 (November 23, 2013): Birthday flowersDay23_Birthday flowersDay 24 (November 24, 2013): An afternoon latte {this one got a ton of great feedback in my photography group…two people said it looked like it came from a magazine….insert nerdy grin here.}

Day24_Afternoon coffee breakDay 25 (November 25, 2013): Bar Louis in AmsterdamDay25_Louis Bar_Amsterdam_edited-1Day 26 (November 26, 2013): Restaurant Haesje Claes in AmsterdamDay26_Restaurant_AmsterdamDay 27 (November 27, 2013): A bicycle near a canal in Amsterdam

Day27_Bicycle along canalDay 28 (November 28, 2013): A bicycle outside a café in Amsterdam {how cool is the color of this bike?!}

Day28_Copper bicycle

Week 5 will contain more shots from our trip because I spent so much time organizing and editing after we got back. Plus, I just want to share them with you, because I had such a good time taking them. Then, I’ll have to get back into my groove of taking a photo a day and trying to think of something creative and share-worthy.

Have you taken any fun trips lately? If so, where did you go? Are your holiday decorations up yet? I’m planning to tackle ours this weekend, along with Christmas cards. 🙂

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