It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here

08 Dec

I usually don’t decorate for Christmas early…I’m definitely not one of those who decorates the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, I always wait until December (sometimes mid-December) to put anything out. Part of the reason is that I have to put away all of the fall decor, so it feels like double the work. Yesterday I took some time to put it all away, clean and then get out the Christmas decor. Here’s how it went down…

First, I made sure to have my coffee on hand. Priorities, people. I found one box of decorations right away and starting taking everything out and deciding what I would use and what I would save for another year. I love my snowflake trivet I snagged from Crate and Barrel a few years ago.

DSC_1309This first box had mostly candles and votive holders.

DSC_1300There were also the holiday jewels and jingle bells that I like to scatter around votive candles along a table runner. Remember my cute owl from this fall? Yeah. He’s a winter owl, too. 😉


I also came across some odds and ends, like this gingerbread man spoon rest for the kitchen.DSC_1310_edited-1

And our stocking hangers. I reused the pinecone votive holders from the fall as well.DSC_1291In the second (and last) box I found other finishing touches, like some ornaments from my childhood that my parents gave to us last year. I hung this one on our small tree.

DSC_1302I used some holly vase filler for a centerpiece for the table (as well as around a candle in one of the photos above).

DSC_1297_edited-1Finally, I hung the stockings over the fireplace, the wreath on the front door and got out our holiday bowls, mugs and wine bottle corks (you always need those on hand 😉 ) so that we remember to use them this month.

Today was gloomy, so it was the perfect afternoon to sit and read with candles lit and a nice cup of joe.

DSC_1325Like I said, we only have two boxes of holiday decor. I think that we have more than enough holiday gear for the season and any more would be overkill for us. I try to keep it simple and clean…none of the glitter-covered ornaments or massive blow-up figures in the front yard. Sorry if that’s your thing. It’s just not mine/ours. Also, everything you see in these photos was bought on sale, after the holiday the past few years. Nothing was full price. I don’t see the point in spending a lot on items you only use a few weeks of the year.

I hope to make some ornaments for our tree later this week. When I do, I’ll be sure to share them here.

Have you put up all your decorations yet? Do you own a lot of decorations or just a few things that you reuse? Are you willing to fork over big bucks for decor or do you shop the days after Christmas to get the best deals?




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