Project 365: Week 7 Recap

22 Dec

This week I’m continuing with the holiday theme in photos (well, all but one). Here’s the Week 7 recap!

Day 43 (December 13, 2013): Icy window

Day43_Icy windowDay 44 (December 14, 2013): Frosty needlesDay44_Frosty needlesDay 45 (December 15, 2013): Dutch ornament

Day45_Dutch ornamentDay 46 (December 16, 2013): Holiday glow

Day46_Holiday glowDay 47 (December 17, 2013): Watering day

Day47_Watering DayDay 48 (December 18, 2013): Holiday lights

Day48_Holiday lightsDay 49 (December 19, 2013): Miniature Christmas trees

Day49_Mini Christmas trees


Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!






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