Project 365: Week 11 Recap

18 Jan

This week is another mix of photos, mostly from travel again! I’ve put a short explanation by each one and am always happy to receive any constructive criticism.

Day 71 (January 10, 2014): Purple flowers and buds (Brazil)

Day71_Purple flowers and budsDay 72 (January 11, 2014): Grapes on the vine (Brazil)

Day72_Grapes on the vineDay 73 (January 12, 2014): Purple mango (Brazil)


Day73_Purple mangoDay 74 (January 13, 2014): Seriema in the tree at sunset (Seriemas live in grasslands, savanna, woodlands and forests in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. This seriema was in Brazil.)

Day74_SeriemaDay 75 (January 14, 2014): Mandarin oranges

Day75_HalosDay 76 (January 15, 2014): Hanging heart

Day76_Red heartDay 77 (January 16, 2014): Winter angel

Day77_Angel in leavesAs you can see, these photos are quite a mix of images (some from our recent trip to Brazil and others not). I realize that many photographers/bloggers post their metadata with their images (ISO, shutter speed, aperture). Let me know if you’d like me to start sharing that, and I’d be happy to do so.

Happy weekend, all! XO








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