Project 365: Week 12 Recap

25 Jan

Here’s Week 12’s recap with some photo explanations after the captions.

Day 78 (January 17, 2014): Begging for a handout. (This is Purdie, one of our family’s dogs. She’s a Jack Russell with a lot of spunk and as I joke about her ears when she lets them fall this way, she could practically bring in a satellite signal on those things.)

Day78_BeggingDay 79 (January 18, 2014): Cotton (no real explanation here…)

Day79_CottonDay 80 (January 19, 2014): Oranges and peels (I liked the way the oranges reflected on the plate’s surface.)

Day80_Oranges and peelsDay 81 (January 20, 2014): Snowy ground (If you look closely at the boots, you can see the outline of the rails in our small deck, as well as me in the reflection.)

Day81_Snowy groundDay 82 (January 21, 2014): Joint (This is the joint that holds the lamp to its base in my home office…nothing special, but I liked the focal point being in the center on this one.)

Day82_JointDay 83 (January 22, 2014): Reflections in the snow (This photo happened somewhat by accident. I was passing this window in our bedroom and noticed that the branches were making a beautiful outline in the snow that day.)

Day83_Shadows in the snowDay 84 (January 23, 2014): Travel Daydreaming (I have a new desk calendar for 2014 and each month is a different city with a drawing of different points of interest in that city. I tried to get only the date for today in focus, but couldn’t get close enough with my 50 mm lens. This page reminds me of my last trip to NYC with a good friend. Great times πŸ™‚ )

Day84_Travel daydreaming

Constructive criticism is always welcome. Hope everyone’s having a nice weekend!








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2 responses to “Project 365: Week 12 Recap

  1. Mary Goldau

    January 26, 2014 at 8:37 am

    Great photos. Favorites are Joint & Reflections in the Snow. On Joint I really like that the focus is on the joint, and the reflections / shadows picture I just find interesting, somehow mysterious – it’s a picture I would hang up in my house.

    • mypersonalcoffeebreak

      January 26, 2014 at 12:24 pm

      Thanks, Mary! What a great compliment πŸ™‚ I appreciate the feedback! xo


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