Put a button on it

11 Feb

No, I won’t sing to you. You don’t want that. Let’s just leave it to Beyoncé and her ring. This Valentine’s Day, I decided to actually make something for a holiday that I usually never decorate for at all. I’m not a huge fan of hearts, and I really don’t like pink. But this heart was just too cool not to make. And I was able to make it red, so I was sold. I first saw this project by {Beth} a-dilly and without even reading the full post, I picked up the buttons and a few other items to make it. You’ll see later that if I’d read it all the first time, I could have saved myself a step. But, that’s ok. It was still a fun and relaxing project. Here’s a heart all the single ladies (and not-so-single ladies) can appreciate!

DSC_2369I knew I already had some burlap and hot glue at home, so all I had to pick up were the buttons and a square canvas from the craft store. I used my 40% off coupon at Michael’s for the canvas, so I ended up spending something like $8 for everything I didn’t already have. I had no plans of buying a whole package of construction paper for the base of the heart, so I found some extra red envelopes in my box of stationery. I knew they’d come in handy at some point!

First, I opened the envelope by cutting the closed edges.


DSC_2364Then, I just drew half the heart along the crease and cut it out. {Remember those old hamburger folds you had to make in school so that both sides of your circle…or heart…were the same size? Yeah, I’m totally putting those skills to use. Thanks, Mrs. Beckett!} 😉

DSC_2367After I made the heart shape for the base, I used hot glue to glue down one layer of buttons.

DSC_2368Since the paper still showed through, I added a second layer to overlap everywhere that the paper spaces showed through. Once I didn’t see any more paper, I used a hair dryer to get rid of all the little strings that hot glue leaves behind. That was a great tip from Beth! I think I would have spent 10 minutes trying to pull them all off. Can you tell I don’t use my hot glue gun much?

I also covered the square canvas in burlap and stapled it in the back to hold it in place. When I finally went back to read all of Beth’s post, I realized that she mentioned how you can now find burlap-covered canvases. Ugh…that’s what I get for jumping the gun on this one. Anyways, it worked out. I used this fabric glue to make sure the corners stayed flat after folding them down (kind of like wrapping a gift). They needed a little extra hold, and this glue is great for all fabrics. Plus, it’s clear.

DSC_2365Now, my little red heart is the focal point on our console table, at least for this month. I can easily see making one of these in the winter by using white buttons for a snowman, for St. Patrick’s day, using green buttons for a clover or for Christmas to make a tree, or gift, etc. There are so many possibilities. And it’s easy. Win, win!


Have you made any decorations for Valentine’s Day? Or do you have another holiday for which you especially like to decorate? Made anything fun with buttons? 






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