Project 365: Week 15 Recap

22 Feb

I’m a couple of weeks behind in posting this, but better late than never. 😉 Here’s the recap of Week 15 of my Project 365.

Day 99 (February 7, 2014): Knobs

Day99_KnobsDay 100 (February 8, 2014): Hearth (This one got a lot of feedback in my photography group. People seemed to love the display and the brick background. I shot this at a B&B a couple hours north of where we live and the room was called the Homestead Room. It definitely had touches of a homestead and the fireplace and hearth was one of my favorite details).

Day100_HearthDay 101 (February 9, 2014): Rainy day window at a B&B (This was in the same room at the B&B)

Day101_Rainy day windowDay 102 (February 10, 2014): Raspberries in the sunlight (This one also got a lot of great feedback due to the light and the close crop on the raspberries. One friend mentioned that an even tighter crop might have a nice effect).

Day102_Raspberries in the sunDay 103 (February 11, 2014): Succulents in hand-painted planter (This was a craft project I did last weekend…handpainting the planter was quick and a nice way to spruce it up to make it more decorative).

Day103_California sunset succulents.jpgDay 104 (February 12, 2014): Pothos in hand-painted planter

Day104_Pothos in painted planterDay 105 (February 13, 2014): Bench reflections in the snow (At first I really just liked the reflections of the bench in the snow, but a friend in my photography group mentioned that a nice shot would be to also make a tight crop around the detail in the curve of the bench as a separate photo).

Day105_Bench reflection in the snow.jpgOne of the many reasons I love photography is the fact that we can take ordinary objects or scenes and looking at them in a different way, from a different angle, for a different purpose. It’s also nice when we can share our work with others and get constructive criticism and feedback about other perspectives we could shoot that we’ve never thought of before.

Do you have certain angles or perspectives you like to shoot? Do you feel like you’ve found your “style” already in your photography? I think I’m still finding mine, and I’m definitely enjoying the process. As always, CC (constructive criticism) is welcome!


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