Project 365: Week 18 and Week 19 Recap

13 Mar

Two weeks of photos here, because things are cuh-razy with work and that’s just how it goes some weeks. As always, CC (constructive criticism) is welcome!

Day 120 (February 28, 2014): From my bulletin board. Got this with a piece of jewelry I ordered once and pinned it on the board in my office. So true.

Day120_Bulletin boardDay 121 (March 1, 2014): Snowflake (shot with macro filter)

Day121_Macro_snowflakeDay 122 (March 2, 2014): Coffee and cookies on a cold winter day

Day122_Coffee and cookiesDay 123 (March 3, 2014): Pashmina

Day123_PashminaDay 124 (March 4, 2014): Spice cabinet (This shot is the first of several I took at a local antique store over the weekend.)

Day124_Spice drawersDay 125 (March 5, 2014): Spices

Day125_Spices_2Day 126 (March 6, 2014): Coffee urn spout

Day126_Coffee urn spoutDay 127 (March 7, 2014) Jadeite (Love jadeite!!)

Day127_JadeiteDay 128 (March 8, 2014): Signage from a fave local coffee shop

Day128_Downtown signageDay 129 (March 9, 2014): Antique accessories

Day129_Antique accessoriesDay 130 (March 10, 2014): Vintage coffee tins

Day130_Coffee tinsDay 131 (March 11, 2014): Crayola holiday tin

Day131_Crayola tinDay 132 (March 12, 2014): Snowflake (perhaps the last chance this year to capture this….or not?)

Day132_SnowflakeDay 133 (March 13, 2014): Vintage exposure meter issued by the US Army Exchange

Day133_Exposure meter


Once again, no theme here. Would you rather see a theme or do you like random shots? Which is your favorite from Weeks 18 and 19? Which do you like better of the two snowflake photos? 





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