Saturday morning Spin-a-thon and gymnastics

29 Mar

Good morning! It’s Saturday and the sun is shining here, temperatures are supposed to reach the mid-40s and we couldn’t be happier with the weekend forecast. 🙂 I know a lot of people are feeling warmer than we are this weekend, but when winter temps were reaching -20s to -40, we find this warm. It’s starting to look like spring may actually make an appearance.

This morning my husband and I hit up a spin class for the YMCA Spin-a-thon to support the YMCA’s annual campaign. The theme this year is “Spin back in time”, and as we’re children of the 80s, we decided to do the 80s-themed hour with music from the good old days. Our favorite spin teacher, Patty was also teaching that hour, so it worked out well.

We signed up earlier in the week and the class started this morning at 10:00 am. It was a nice way to start the weekend, get in a workout we both enjoy and spend some time together. We both work a lot, so it’s nice to have something enjoyable to do together on the weekends.


The class started with a few sprints, 80s music and a trivia question. Patty threw in some hills, lots of seated runs and some tough climbs for the next 45 minutes. She asked trivia questions throughout, but we were major fails compared to others in the class. We were born in the 80s….we weren’t really watching Footloose at the time. 😉 I’m happy to say I knew the words to a lot of the songs, but couldn’t tell you the titles of most of them or who sang them. Frankly, that’s true for most music (not just from the 80s)! I ended up answering two trivia questions correctly and won us free ice cream from Culver’s. When we thaw out from winter, we may hit that up.

After the class, we came home for a shower and had a well-deserved banana before lunch.

photo 1Our lunch {lobster and shrimp-stuffed ravioli with mushrooms and Vodka sauce and salad} was extra yummy, and we watched one of my favorites on TV, women’s college gymnastics.

photo 2

Alabama killed it. This may be the only time you hear (read) me say “Roll tide!” I have always loved to watch gymnastics, and I remember watching it with my mom while I was growing up. My favorite event is the uneven bars. I just don’t know how they do it.

Well, friends, I’m off to throw some towels and sheets in the laundry and head out for some sunshine and Saturday afternoon fun. Hope everyone’s having a happy Saturday! xo


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