Project 365: Week 20 and Week 21 Recap

30 Mar

Two more weeks of my Project 365 are complete! Here are the latest photos. Feel free to leave CC (constructive criticism), and/or link up your own Project 365 in the comments. I’ve added a little explanation by a few of my photos, as always.

Day 134 (March 14, 2014): Red doors. These doors are on an Episcopal church in downtown Madison, WI. I loved the rich red and the narrow glass of the windows. You’ll see another shot of a finer detail below that I also really liked.

Day134_Red doorsDay 135 (March 15, 2014): Abandoned train

Day135_Abandoned trainDay 136 (March 16, 2014): Pull. These handles are on the front of the doors of the same Episcopal church in downtown Madison. I love the worn hardware and the chipping paint. Doors are such an interesting visual for me. Different shapes, colors, architecture and hardware make each one different and can say a lot about what lies behind them.

Day136_PullDay 137 (March 17, 2014): Barber shop

Day137_Barber shopDay 138 (March 18, 2014): Mailbox

Day138_MailDay 139 (March 19, 2014): Grate

Day139_GrateDay 140 (March 20, 2014): Purple. I’m using this cotton worsted yarn to make a cardigan for my niece. I am close to finishing the body of it and will make the sleeves next.

Day140_PurpleDay 141 (March 21, 2014): Vintage kitchen accessories. I bought the mason jar, white mixing bowl and old-fashioned egg beaters at a local antique shop here several weeks ago. I envisioned using the jar and egg beaters as decor in my kitchen or on a shelf, and I like that the bowl is in perfect condition and can be used still. Function and aesthetic–win, win! The Betty Crocker cookbook was passed on to me by my mom. I love it. It’s worn, has been well used and so many memories were (and are still) made over the meals she has prepared for our family.

Day141_Kitchen decorDay 142 (March 22, 2014): Bicycle shop. I always found this bicycle shop sign intriguing. This was the first time I actually stopped to snap a shot. I like how the time of day (close to sunset) allowed for a neat silhouette of the bicycle.

Day142_Bicycle shopDay 143  (March 23, 2014): Ristorante. This is our favorite local restaurant where we live. Their brick oven pizzas are unmatched!

Day143_RistoranteDay 144 (March 24, 2014): Eggs and jadeite. I love the look of brown eggs and how each one is different. And I am really loving jadeite right now. The color is a fresh mint, which is usually not my taste, but I like that the pieces typically have a bit of clarity to them that allows them to change a little, depending on what they’re holding. Jadeite was first used in the earlier to mid-half of the 20th century as everyday dishes for many American households. There are still many pieces available that are true jadeite, as well as modern copies of the vintage styles. This bowl is from the mid-1940s and is in great condition still. I’d love to find some vintage jadeite C-handle mugs.

Day144_Eggs_1Day 145 (March 25, 2014): Perched. This chubby bird was perched on a tree in a park my husband took me to this weekend. I had no idea this park existed in our town, but it was nice to see that there are a lot of little areas left to explore. I think she’s pregnant… what do you think?

Day145_PerchedDay 146 (March 26, 2014): White in the brush

Day146_White among the brownDay 147 (March 27, 2014): Thawed. I loved the textures in this shot.


Have things thawed out yet where you live or are you still in the midst of winter? What kinds of items have been handed down to you that are special? 


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