Project 365: Week 24 and Week 25 Recap

27 Apr

I did some skipping around here, so my Week 24 and 25 recap are a bit intertwined. If you’ve been following for a few weeks or more, you probably saw my Signage theme with a week’s worth of photos. So, here are 7 more to fill in the few days before and a few after. 😉

Day 162 (April 11, 2014): Errands. I snapped this image of a woman running errands while I was sitting in a café in Amsterdam. Yes, it’s an old photo, but after finishing a street photography workshop recently, I looked back at my photos from that trip and found that I still really liked something about this one. I ended up cropping it to give the viewer a better view of her face. Due to the cloudy day and the fact that I was shooting from indoors, my ISO was high…hence, the grain. But there’s something about the grain that I like in this shot. It seems to work.

Day162_ErrandsDay 163 (April 12, 2014): Reflections of art. I took this shot thinking that I wanted to get a photo of the pottery in this workshop/store through the storefront window. I got much more than I bargained for and I love how it reflects the potters in the background, the movement in the street and the handiwork of the artists on the shelves, as well as my own reflection. Day163_Reflections of artDay 164 (April 13, 2014): Clock. As one of my friends said, “Clocks are cool.” Clearly, I agree. 🙂

Day164_ClockDay 172 (April 21, 2014): Fountain by the MS River at night. This beautiful fountain sits outside of a fabulous restaurant downtown on the Mississippi River. This was the warmest day we’ve had so far this year (about 74 degrees) and we were able to sit outside on the patio for appetizers and wine before our table inside was ready. The timing was perfect, because as soon as we left, it was dark enough to get this shot of the fountain and the lights from the bridge in the background reflecting off the water.

Day172_NightPhotography_FountainOnRiverDay 173 (April 22, 2014): The Old Fashioned. This restaurant is located in downtown Madison, WI across from the Capitol building. They serve a great variety of dishes made with local, in-season ingredients. Yum! We enjoyed some lunch there on Saturday and I took this photo of their sign on the window just before we headed home. I like the reflection of the sidewalk/street in the window, as well as the profile of the woman seated just behind the sign.

Day173_The Old FashionedDay 174 (April 23, 2014): Taking a walk break. This exhausted dad was taking a walk break through Capitol Square, hauling his two little ones in the wagon behind him. You can see that even though it was a Saturday afternoon, there was plenty of foot traffic downtown due to the farmer’s market.

Day174_Walking itDay 175 (April 24, 2014): Farmer’s market shoppers (Out of focus/Mid key). This shot, as well as a few you’ll see in next week’s recap, was an attempt at shooting an out of focus (OOF) photo with mid key tones. I’m not so sure I have mid key tones here, as the top portion of the photo is blown out a bit, but overall, you can see that it’s a group of pedestrians walking through an urban area. These were locals shopping at the farmer’s market in downtown Madison around Capitol Square. It reminds me a bit of watercolors. I realize that OOF photos are not for everyone, but stay tuned for next week if you enjoy them.

Day175_Farmer's Market_OOF

Now that the weather is changing, do you have the chance to get outdoors more with your camera? What shots do you hope to get this spring/summer?



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