Project 365: Week 26 Recap

04 May


It’s Week 26, which means I am halfway finished with this project! This week’s recap includes a few photos that are purposely out of focus, employing bold colors and contrasts so that the viewer can still make out the subject in the image, but cannot clearly see all the details. If you don’t care for out of focus images, feel free to scroll down to #4 for this week. Enjoy! And please feel free to give constructive criticism, as always.

Day 176 (April 25, 2014): Farmer’s Market vendors (Out of focus/Mid key)

Day176_Farmer's Market_OOF_2Day 177 (April 26, 2014): In the square (Out of focus/Mid key)

Day177_Farmer's Market_OOF_3Day 178 (April 27, 2014): Hard-earned living (Out of focus/Mid key)

Day178_Farmer's Mareket_OOF_4Day 179 (April 28, 2014): From the earth. This is the same vendor at the farmer’s market as the one in the photo above. She had so much expression in her face and looked so proud of her work.

Day179_From the earthDay 180 (April 29, 2014): Walking the dog

Day180_Walking the dogDay 181 (April 30, 2014): Duck in the MS River. This little guy was swimming by as I was waiting for the first runners to finish the local half marathon here this weekend. The green on his head and his yellow beak were so rich.

Day181_Duck in the MSDay 182 (May 1, 2014): Running along the MS River. The race finished alongside the MS River here. What a view.

Day182_Running along the MS

How is your Project 365 coming along? Have you found it easy or difficult to maintain so far? Anyone shop at a farmer’s market or run a race this weekend?



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