Project 365: Week 27 Recap

11 May

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I wish I could have been home to see my mom today, but I was able to talk to her twice this week (including today), so I’m grateful for that. 🙂

Here is the recap for Week 27. As always, feel free to offer CC!

Day 183 (May 2, 2014): Running community. This is what this sport is all about. The 1st place runner (right) came back to the finish line to help the 3rd place runner stand up and keep moving after he collapsed at the line. 

Day183_Running communityDay 184 (May 3, 2014): Main Street

Day184_Main StreetDay 185 (May 4, 2014): Espresso. This is outside of one of my favorite local coffee shops. This man was enjoying his newspaper and a quick cup of espresso.

Day185_EspressoDay 186 (May 5, 2014): Taste testing customers at a local farmer’s market

Day186_Taste testingDay 187 (May 6, 2014): Wisconsin highway views. I snapped this one from the car on the way to Madison a couple of weekends ago when we drove there for a race. The sun was just coming up and the glow it created on the side of the silos was lovely.

Day187_WI highway viewDay 188 (May 7, 2014): Toaster reflections. This is a bit of a silly photo, but I was playing with my new 35 mm lens and this is the first image I shot with it (straight out of the box).

Day188_Toaster reflectionDay 189 (May 8, 2014): Sunset on the river

Day189_Sunset on the riverAny other coffee lovers out there? What’s your coffee order of choice? Do you have a 35 mm lens? If so, what’s your favorite subject to shoot with it?


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