Project 365: Week 28 and Week 29 Recap

26 May


This week’s recap actually covers two weeks. Life has been extremely busy lately, so I have had to play catch-up on my photography and blog. As always, CC is welcome!

Day 190 (May 9, 2014): Through the studio window. I took this shot from the sidewalk by a local pottery studio. I love the worn look of all the tools left on the studio bench.

Day190_Studio windowDay 191 (May 10, 2014): 1894

Day191_1894Day 192 (May 11, 2014): Small details. I happened to see this intricate detail on the wall of a building downtown a few weeks ago. I have passed this corner so many times, and I never saw this until that day. I probably say this too much on this blog, but it’s good to slow down and take things in. You may see things you never would have noticed if you were just rushing along on a busy day.

Day192_Small detailsDay 193 (May 12, 2014): “Really neat stuff”. I saw this grouping of signs and thought, ‘Interesting how they grouped these together this way.’ And then I noticed the smaller sign about really neat stuff and it made me laugh. Again, how many times have I passed this sign and never noticed this?

Day193_Neat stuffDay 194 (May 13, 2014): Closed…or not?

Day194_ClosedDay 195 (May 14, 2014): Water source

Day195_WaterDay 196 (May 15, 2014): Springtime sunset. This shot is SOOC (straight out of the camera–no editing involved). As soon as I finished snapping this scene, it started to rain while I was making my way back to the car.

Day196_Spring sunsetDay 197 (May 16, 2014): American Farmer. This sculpture is located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I think the B&W conversion accentuates the lines in his face and hardworking hands.

Day197_American FarmerDay 198 (May 17, 2014): Post office. This post office is on Main Street in Wall, South Dakota. What an interesting little town!

Day198_Post OfficeDay 199 (May 18, 2014): Homemade raspberry pie. While we were waiting in line for our sandwiches at the Wall Drug cafe, we saw these slices of pie that made our mouths water. Don’t they look amazing?!

Day199_Raspberry pieDay 200 (May 19, 2014): Roast beef sandwich

Day200_Roast beef sandwichDay 201 (May 20, 2014): Fire Department turned restaurant. We probably walked this block in Rapid City, South Dakota at least three times. And each time I passed the Firehouse Brewing Company, all the pops of red and the preserved architecture drew my eyes up. I’ll share a shot of the rest of the facade in another post. Stay tuned!

Day201_Fire Dept. turned RestaurantDay 202 (May 21, 2014): Street art. Have you ever been walking along a city street, talking or thinking about other things and you saw something that just made you stop in your tracks and say, “Wow….”? Yes, that was me when I saw this amazing street art.

Day202_Street artDay 203 (May 22, 2014): Butter-Nut. When I’m walking through a town or city, I try to always make a point of looking up. I did the same in Rapid City and saw some really cool signage along the way. This Butter-Nut sign reminded me of the vintage coffee tins I shot at an antique store a couple of months ago.


What kind of street art have you seen that made you stop walking and just take it all in? Is there a sign in your city with a funny phrase like “Really neat stuff” that makes you laugh when you see it?


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