Project 365: Week 30

29 May

This week sets a double record for me with the number of posts I’ve written in just a few days and the fact that I’m actually caught up on my Project 365 enough to post this week on time. Shocker. Don’t worry. It probably won’t happen again for quite some time. 😉

Here are the photos from this past week, which all happen to hail from our trip to South Dakota last week. Please offer any CC (constructive criticism) you’d like. I appreciate it all!

Day 204 (May 23, 2014): JFK Jr. with dad. This is one of the many statues in downtown Rapid City that we saw on our trip. I liked how the artist incorporated JFK Jr. into this one and the expression on his face.

Day204_JFK JrDay 205 (May 24, 2014): Downtown Rapid City. When I saw this image on the street in Rapid City, I knew it would make a good shot if I could capture it correctly. I like how it turned out with all the pops of red that I did my best to incorporate into the frame.

Day205_Downtown Rapid CityDay 206 (May 25, 2014): Prairie Berry Winery wine barrel. I like the texture of the wood and the twigs surrounding the barrel in this image.

Day206_Prairie BerryDay 207 (May 26, 2014): What a view. This may one of my favorite photos I’ve taken in a while. I think it’s definitely going to make the gallery wall. It was a hit among my photographer friends.

Day207_What a viewDay 208 (May 27, 2014): Fountain in downtown Rapid City. Can you see the statue of Abe Lincoln across the street?

Day208_Fountain_Downtown Rapid CityDay 209 (May 28, 2014): Arts and administration. There’s just something about cities that incorporate arts (galleries, shops, museums, etc.) and administrative business on the same block. I think it gives so much character to a place, rather than simply having a strip of stores or office buildings in one area.

Day209_Arts and AdministrationDay 210 (May 29, 2014): Independent Ale House

Day210_Independent Ale House

Which of these images do you like the most? Why? Do you prefer to vacation in cities or in quieter, less crowded areas?



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2 responses to “Project 365: Week 30

  1. Mary

    May 30, 2014 at 9:27 am

    Well done my friend. It’s so cool to follow along and watch your growth through out the project. Can’believe you’re already in the 200s. 🙂

    D. 204: really nice statue & good shot. Agree with your comment regarding the artist incorporating JFK Jr.

    D. 205 & 209: I’m impressed with your street photography, both pictures I find really good.

    D. 206: very cool wine barrel & I like the composition in this shot and as the observer your focus is really on the barrel.

    D. 207: my favorite of these photos. Well done with the DOF & I like the composition (that you decided to have the binoculars in the middle of the frame) & that you chose B&W.

    D. 208: nice DOF.

    D. 210: Great old fashioned store front, well captured. I also like that you chose to put it in B&W – it really brings through the feeling of this old-timey feeling.


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