Project 365: Week 32

22 Jun

Back with another week of my Project 365. Please feel free to offer constructive criticism!

Day 218 (June 6, 2014): Sioux pride

Day218_Sioux pride_2Day 219 (June 7, 2014): Library garden

Day219_LibraryDay 220 (June 8, 2014): Book drop

Day220_Book dropDay 221 (June 9, 2014): Flowers in the coffee shop

Day221_Flowers in coffee shopDay 222 (June 10, 2014): Mind altering tattoos and piercing. Mind altering?!

Day222_Mind altering tattoosDay 223 (June 11, 2014): Coffee reflections

Day223_Coffee reflectionsDay 224 (June 12, 2014): Reflection on the grind

Day224_Reflection in the mirrorSorry to cut this short, but things have been hectic lately. Now I’m off to bed to read for a bit before another long week ahead. Have a good week, everyone!



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