Project 365: Week 34

01 Jul

I’m finally caught up here with my weekly 365 posts! Now, I’m still behind on my daily shots for the week, but I’m getting there. 😉 Feel free to offer any CC (constructive criticism), as always. Have a great week, friends!

Day 232 (June 20, 2014): Summer afternoon stroll

Day232_Summer afternoon strollDay 233 (June 21, 2014): Tea shop window. This little cat’s arm waves back and forth. haha

Day233_Tea shopDay 234 (June 22, 2014): Window art. This set of windows is boarded and painted on one of the Old Towne streets in La Crosse. It’s easy to miss, because of the light blue shades, but there are lots of little details if you look closely.

Day234_Window artDay 235 (June 23, 2014) Maid-Rite since 1926

Day235_Maid-RiteDay 236 (June 24, 2014): Cal. Street Parking

Day236_Cal. Street ParkingDay 237 (June 25, 2014): Old Towne North

Day237_Old Towne NorthDay 238 (June 26, 2014): Bright door

Day238_Bright door



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