Half Marathon Training has begun!

15 Jul

It’s finally time to start training! I may or may not have been checking my e-mail obsessively today, waiting on the training information to arrive in my inbox. I’ve never had a coach for a training cycle, so I’m pretty excited about it this time. Once I set up my virtual training page, I’ll be all set.

That e-mail with log-in information showed up in my inbox late this morning. Remember the “You’ve got mail” voice and the little red flag? Sometimes I wish we could go back to that. These days, the sound of another e-mail hitting my inbox can be cringe-worthy, depending on the day. This was an e-mail I was happy to get. I logged in for a few minutes to see how the page works, but I haven’t really looked too much further yet. I also wanted to check out the different training plans, since I’ve been running consistently for some time and wasn’t sure how they would start off the training cycle.

I’ve always created my own training cycles and stuck to them pretty well for upcoming races. This time, since someone else has set it all up for me, I am curious where I fall in the mix. I’ve heard the couch-to-5k plans are great if you’re looking to start from the beginning, but as I’ve consistently been logging 15-20 miles a week, I figured I’d fall into the intermediate category. I was surprised to see that my mileage actually places me in the advanced group, running about 14 miles in Week 1. The cross-training days look like fun, and I’m really happy to see that it allows for two or three “off” days per week, at least in the beginning. Some schedules do not, and I always wonder how people can put themselves through so many days of back-to-back intensive workouts.

Tonight is the first virtual training session. I’ll start meeting up with the Orange County group in a few weeks for Saturday training runs. So, I’m really excited to meet the OC coach and make some new running friends in our area. I’ll fill you in when I start dedicating training weeks to the pets of those who have donated, which will be soon!

Speaking of donations, thanks to some awesome friends and family, I’ve already raised 20% of my goal. Amazing! If you’d like to donate (any amount will helps), please visit my fundraising page. I’m enjoying all the supportive messages everyone has left with their donations, too. Talk about motivation!

And for those who enjoy info graphics, check this out. Not only are more people running, but more people are running for a cause. There are so many out there, so find something that means a lot to you and go for it! Keep on rocking the runs, friends! xo



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