Project 365: Weeks 36 and 37

03 Aug

Two weeks of my Project 365 are finally ready, although I’m still a bit behind. I hope to get out this afternoon to shoot some street photography and will be trying to catch up again in the coming week or so. For now, enjoy! Please feel free to offer CC (constructive criticism), as always.

Week 36

Day 246 (July 4, 2014): Pickerman’s on Jay Street. I really liked the shape of this sign and how they used it to reflect their product.

Day246_Soup signDay 247 (July 5, 2014): Potter’s hands. I stopped into this workshop/shop in downtown La Crosse, WI to pick up some gifts for some friends. When I saw this potter working on a mug, I quickly asked her if I could take a few shots. Without a second of hesitation, she said, “Of course. I’m a photographer, too.” See, it’s always worth asking! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day247_Potter's handsDay 248 (July 6, 2014): Handmade

Day248_Potter's hands_2Day 249 (July 7, 2014): Afternoon quiet and coffee. My favorite coffee shop in downtown La Crosse, WI (Grounded on Main St.).

Day249_Grounded coffee shopDay 250 (July 8, 2014): Hangers on the move

Day250_HangersDay 251 (July 9, 2014): Yellow bicycle

Day251_Yellow bicycleDay 252 (July 10, 2014): At the shop. We were at the shop last week to get a smog test in our new city, and I saw this van/truck parked outside. It struck me as an intriguing urban shot, because it’s rare that you see a plant when you visit the mechanic.

Day252_At the shop

Week 37

Day 253 (July 11, 2014): Wind turbines in Minnesota. We saw many of these are all over western MN, Iowa and Kansas. Wind energy!

Day253_Wind turbines in MinnesotaDay 254 (July 12, 2014): Picturesque. I may have at least 5 shots that are similar to this one from our drive through Utah. Breathtaking.

Day254_PicturesqueDay 255 (July 13, 2014): Drink… coffee. This sign is on the wall at our favorite new-to-us bakery here in SoCal. I like how they cut out some of the brick to make a pass-through window of sorts. It allows you to see the sign and lights. Smart design–I love it!

Day255_Drink coffeeDay 256 (July 14, 2014): Geometric lighting. This is in the same bakery. Iย love the geometric light fixtures. I need to figure out how to make one! The globe lights and plants on the charcoal gray wall also make me happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Day256_Geometric lightingDay 257 (July 15, 2014): Afternoon goodness. Need I say more?!

Day257_Afternoon goodnessDay 258 (July 16, 2014): Afternoon farmers market. We came across this farmers market the other day when we were running errands. We knew it took place on Thursdays, but we’d forgotten about it. I picked up a succulent and some blueberries from some local vendors.

Day258_Afternoon farmers marketDay 259 (July 17, 2014): Gloomy sky over beauty. This is another shot from our cross-country trip. So much to take in, and it makes you feel so small and insignificant.

Day259_Gloomy sky over beautyHope you’re having a good Sunday. Will share more here soon! xo



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