Tips for running while traveling

17 Sep

Lately I’ve been traveling a good bit. Like three trips in three weeks a good bit. I don’t typically travel this much all at once, but the fall is definitely my busier travel season, mostly for work, but there are times when a fun personal trip also sneaks its way into my schedule. I don’t complain. πŸ˜‰

While I’m training for the L.A. Half Marathon and fundraising for the ASPCA, I have to keep up with my training schedule as much as possible, trips or not. So, I’ve become quite skilled at figuring out how to fit in my training runs around my business meetings, flights and workload. Here are my top tips for keeping up with your training while on the road. Please feel free to add your two cents!

1. Pack for your training days.Β This seems like common sense, I know, but pack the right amount of running clothes for the days you need to train. Make sure not to forget your running shoes! I almost did that once. The great thing about this sport is that you can do it anywhere, anytime and you don’t need much equipment. I also make sure that my Garmin is well charged and that I’ve put my Road ID in my bag, too. You can never be too safe!

2. If you’re going to a conference or meeting with a large group, see if anyone else is a runner and ask them to join you! I don’t typically do this. In fact, I never run with other people. My Saturday group runs with the OC Team are as close to running with other people as I get. However, on a trip to Salt Lake City last week, I found a great running buddy and asked her to join me on an early morning run. It was a great idea, because we had to meet early to get in our training runs before the first session. And there are perks! We got to get to know one another a bit more and see the sun rise over Temple Square. Win-win!

photo3. Don’t dread the ‘mill. I will be the first to admit that I’d rather run on the road than the dreaded treadmill. However, if I get into town late or have to do my training run early, I will definitely hit up the hotel fitness room and jump on the treadmill to fit in my run. Two weeks ago, I arrived in Washington D.C. around 6:30 pm. I quickly unpacked and threw on my running gear so that I could fit in my speed work session. Since my body was on Pacific time, it felt great to get my legs moving after such a long day of sitting and travel. I made sure to plan the end of my run so that I had enough time to shower and get down to the hotel restaurant for a good dinner before they closed. I actually got in almost two hours of work, a fantastic meal and a glass of wine. Again… win!

photo 1Β 4. Map it out. If you have a good general sense of direction and are not afraid of a little pre-planning, map out a route. I partially did this on the same trip to D.C. a couple of weeks ago, and I’m so glad I did. I needed to get in a 5-mile run, so I planned out my route (in my head mostly, because I’d already gotten quite familiar with the area the previous day), and it worked out quite well. I made sure to go right before sunrise, so there was light and a lot of movement in the streets. I felt very safe and I got to see some pretty awesome scenes.

photo 2

photo 35. Let your friends know you are training… they’ll understand! If you’re planning to stay with friends while you travel, don’t worry about getting in those training runs. They will understand! Don’t feel guilty about dedicating time to what’s important to you. I’m not saying you should inconvenience anyone on account of your training, but plan it well. Make sure they know you want to fit in a few runs and stick to it! It’s very easy to get caught up in relaxation mode and skip a run. Losing fitness fast is a cold, hard truth. And skipping too many times will take its effect on race day. I’ll be staying with some friends this weekend, so we’ll see if I can take my own advice! πŸ˜‰

What are your tips for training when you travel? Anyone traveling this weekend and need to fit in some mileage?


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One response to “Tips for running while traveling

  1. Mary

    September 28, 2014 at 5:35 am

    Great tips – very true! Thanks for sharing!


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