Project 365: Week 50

19 Oct

I’ve been taking pictures for 50 weeks straight! Sheesh… That’s 351 photos so far, and this means I have only two weeks left in my Project 365. Here’s Week 50! CC welcome, as always.

Day 345 (October 11, 2014): An afternoon luxury. This may be one of my favorite coffee shots so far of my personal coffee breaks. πŸ˜‰

Day345_Afternoon brewDay 346 (October 12, 2014): Magnolia blossom

Day346_Dry magnolia blossomDay 347 (October 13, 2014): Street heart

Day347_Street heartDay 348 (October 14, 2014): Sidewalk display

Day348_Sidewalk displayDay 349 (October 15, 2014): Water station

Day349_Water stationDay 350 (October 16, 2014): I’ll have one of each, please

Day350_One of each, pleaseDay 351 (October 17, 2014): Print shop

Day351_Print shop


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