Project 365: Week 52

31 Oct

And… that’s a wrap! I can’t believe I’m posting the last week of my Project 365 already. It’s been a year?! Time has flown, but it’s been a really fun process and a great way to improve in my photography. I learned a lot about what I like and what I don’t like as far as developing my style, as well as how important it is to not try to mimic what other photographers do. We each have our own way of seeing the things we choose to shoot, so why try to mimic someone else’s style? As you can see, I have some photos that have a similar feel, and other times I try to branch out to see what I can do with other angles, editing techniques, etc. A friend of mine described my style as warm and soft. I take that as a huge compliment, because that’s how I see many of the images I share. And that’s really my end goal… share what I see… from my perspective.

So, here you have it. The last week of my 365. I am so glad I did this. I was able to meet, albeit virtually, so many fantastic photographers, many of whom I now call my friends. I plan to continue with a few more projects, but I won’t be doing another 365 this year. I think that this year calls for a couple of weekly projects, so stay tuned. I’ve got some great ideas to share!

Day 359 (October 25, 2014): Pantry Cafe

Day359_Pantry CafeDay 360 (October 26, 2014): LA lights

Day360_LA LightsDay 361 (October 27, 2014): Afternoon clock watching

Day361_Afternoon clock watchingDay 362 (October 28, 2014): Touches of fall

Day362_Touches of fallDay 363 (October 29, 2014): Night owl

Day363_Night OwlDay 364 (October 30, 2014): Handmade burgers

Day364_Handmade BurgersDay 365 (October 31, 2014): Some “me” time

Day365_Some me time

You know I had to end my 365 with this last shot. This was my one hour of “me” time this week. And it was glorious. I have never taken a shot like this outside of where I’m about to enjoy my coffee break. For some reason, as I was walking into this bakery, I knew the light was right and this was the shot I wanted for today. I hope you enjoyed my 365 as much as I did. Please offer any constructive criticism, as always! xo


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