An afternoon spent at Espresso Cielo

02 Jan

Last month I was running some errands and happened to see a coffee shop I had been wanting to check out in Santa Monica. Espresso Cielo is known for its laid back atmosphere. There are large windows that run the perimeter of the café, and the bar and pendant lights give it a European feel. The teapots that sit on top of the floating shelf in the front are a simple decorative touch.


DSC_5143-2We stopped in for a cup and found it to be a very welcoming atmosphere. Most people were working or reading at the marble top tables, but I was most impressed with the small collection of art books the shop boasted on the wall by the bar.

DSC_5146I flipped through The Grand Literary Cafés of Europe for a while, and found several photos of places that looked familiar from past trips I’ve taken.

DSC_5147The café serves Forty Ninth Parallel coffee, and I ended up purchasing a bag of the whole bean 123 W Longitude Blend. I had no idea that the Forty Ninth Parallel Roasters are in Vancouver. I hope to check out the roaster next week when we are there. 🙂

The entrance of the shop on the corner of Main and Marine Streets also reminds me of a European café, with its long hand-painted sign, double glass doors, tiles and small round tables for customers to enjoy their favorite espresso drink.

DSC_5137Hopefully I can check out the other Espresso Cielo location sometime in Palm Springs. I will definitely hit up the one in Santa Monica again soon so I can get my free coffee for having purchased one of the bags of beans!

Have you ever been in a café that transported you to a place you’ve visited? Has anyone tried Forty Ninth Parallel coffee? What’s your favorite blend?

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