Running as of late: Meg’s Miles and the Timex Activity Tracker

21 Jan

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything related to running. I’ve been running as usual, but haven’t shared much on here. Besides a few trips where I was also able to keep up with my running, most of my routes and such have been the same. I did join a new running club, but that’s another post in itself.

Last weekend you may have seen several runner friends post a photo or status with the hashtags #megsmiles or #milesformeg. In case you don’t know the story behind this, Meg Menzies was a mother of three and wife. She and her husband, Scott had a regular Monday morning “date” to run together. She was training for the Boston Marathon and had hopes of making it to the Olympic Trials. Their children’s school bus was late that morning, which meant they had to venture out a little later than normal. Because of this, traffic was busier and a physician, who was later found to be legally drunk behind the wheel, hit and killed Meg. Scott is raising their three children and still runs in honor of his wife. He took her place at the Boston Marathon so that he could experience it for her. “She was training, and I want to finish it for her. And it’s kind of a selfish thing for me, but that’s where she would be. I want to see what she would see.”

Since the tragedy, Meg’s friends have set up social media pages, asking people to dedicate their miles to Meg around the anniversary of her death. From my own feeds, I saw many people sharing their miles in honor of Meg, someone who really represents us all as runners. Even if you are following the rules of the road, running against traffic and being careful, you always have to be incredibly alert. You just never know if drivers are paying attention or impaired. I love the support I’ve seen for Meg and her family by fellow runners. It truly is a great community to be a part of. Let’s all throw down a few more miles in her honor, and in the honor of others who have suffered accidents or death while doing something they love. If you did run for Meg, don’t forget to submit your miles to the Run 4 Meg page. #runforthosewhocant

Miles for Meg 2015—————–

On a completely different note, I had the chance to test out the Timex IRONMAN Move X20 Activity Tracker last night. Meh… I’m not impressed. The only thing I can say that is positive about it is the aesthetic of the band. It’s narrow and looks more like a bracelet than a fitness band.

I’d been curious about the Fitbit Activity Band that everyone talks about, just because I don’t know what all it can do. I think it tracks your steps, sleep and activity, but I’m not sure how in depth or accurate any of the recorded information actually is. The Timex version looks comparable, and the rep seemed knowledgable overall. She showed me how to use the Timex device, which seemed easy enough. What can go wrong with two buttons? I actually just wanted to test its accuracy against my Garmin to see if it came up with a similar distance for my run.

I started the Tracker as soon as I set out with the other club runners, but immediately I could tell it might only be another pretty face. At a stoplight, I tried to check the information on it to see how far it told me I had run (this band is acceleration-based), but I didn’t see any information on it. So, I kept going, finished my run and asked the rep to show me how to save the information to view it. She looked at the band and told me that it never recorded anything.

Perhaps it was a user issue (not saying that’s not likely!), but as it turns out, several of the other club runners had similar issues. One person who runs around my pace was not able to see anything on his band either (during or after the run). And another said that it recorded about 3.5 miles, when we all ran about 5.5. 😦

Now, I’m no expert on testing electronic devices, but when most people in your group find issues with the devices they used, this doesn’t fare well for the product line. I didn’t see anyone jumping to get one after the run. I hope I get the chance to test another Timex fitness tracker or GPS one day, but for now, I’ll stick to my Garmin.

Did you run any miles for Meg last weekend? How did you share her story with others? 

Anyone have and love their Timex Activity Tracker? Please, tell me what I did wrong! 

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