Perfect Timing: Week 14

07 Feb

Perfect Timing is a weekly photography project by two friends who met in college, became roommates and have been close ever since. We share a love for languages and travel, and although we’re from the same southern state, we now live on different continents, balancing a demanding work life with a private life. We both agree that everything happens for a reason, whether we see these moments as positive or negative at the time, propelling us ahead or slowing us down. We hope you will join us each week, as we share little moments of Perfect Timing with you.

I’m a people watcher. I like to watch them, what they do, how they interact (or don’t interact), their habits and quirks. So, every time I visit a new place, I pay attention to the people I see in the streets around me. Since my favorite genre of photography is street photography, it’s no surprise that I like to take candid images of people going about their daily lives and routines. This diverse group of people waiting for the light rail in Phoenix this week intrigued me, because each one was not only going about his/her Thursday afternoon commute, but they were all so different from one another. These types of images make me appreciate the raw, daily grind that so many people experience and that we can easily miss if we are too wrapped up in our own routines. They make me wonder what these people are like, what’s their story and how is this part of their lives shaping their story (or not).



Mary of Moe-Digger Photography and I became friends in college after we realized how much we had in common. We each grew up with three brothers, played sports and studied history, languages and cultures. I still remember our SLR cameras and our love for shooting with film. We have shared many wonderful experiences together over the years and have supported each other through some of the most significant moments in our adult lives. I am excited to take on this project with her. Check out Mary’s Perfect Timing photo for this week, too: Snow.


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